Saturday, 17 September 2016

10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas

Last minute doesn't mean its unsubstantial. You can have best amazing Halloween costumes too. Here is the list of some last minute costumes.

1. Flower Pot Costume
Happy Halloween Costume

2. Spray Painting Pan
Peter Pan shadow Halloween costume

3. Gluing Plastic Snake Gold Spray Painting Head Band Med USA
DIY Halloween Costumes

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4. Fake Flowers and an Eyebrow Pencil
Easy Halloween Costumes
5. Hulk Hogan Halloween Costume
hulk hogan halloween costume

6. Thread Spider Rings for Girls
Thread Spider Rings halloween costume
7. Painting or Sticking Black Tape on White Outfit
Painting or Sticking Black Tape on White Outfit

8. Bat Wings Halloween Costume from Used Umbrellas
Bat Wings Halloween Costume

Click here for Stunning Happy Halloween GIF

9. Hoodie and Oversize Goggles
Hoodie halloween costume

10. EasyMac Halloween costume made from painted toilet paper rolls
EasyMac Halloween costume